About Hidra Production

Hidra Productions is one of the leading production house in Indonesia that was established in 2002. From the beginning, we have been known as a passionate production house that delivers high quality productions with reasonable budget and tight time-schedule.

We maintain this reputation by accepting all the challenges in a project and, using our passion in film production, find a way to over come it.

This attitude has taken us to a wide range of projects. Ranging from simple in-door shoots, crowded urban sets, remote and exotic locations, as well as 3D compositions and visual effect. It also allowed us to work with some of the best crews and directors, both local and international.

In 2010, our dedication and passion were rewarded by winning silver award at the annual Citra Pariwara for Semen Gresik TV commercial “Lukisan Anak Negeri”.

Today, we are highly experienced in producing all kinds of projects for a diverse list of clients, such as automotive industries, telecommunication companies, electronic goods producers as well as top advertising agencies.

Our passion and dedication will ensure that all of our clients needs and requirement are met.

Our goal is to passionately produce high quality and creative results that satisfy our clients’ needs.

Production Support


Jakarta is blessed with locations that can replicate the most modern of metropolises to tropical jungles to old colonial towns to quaint villages. Have a look at some samples from our vast location library. If you are interested to find out more, feel free to contact of our producers, we’ll hook you up. :)

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Hidra’s Work

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. We’re the filmmaker living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Check out some of our work below and let us know what you think.

Hidra Contact


JL. Kemang IV No.11 , Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 021 – 718 1665